When To Seek Financial Advice


A Financial Planner allows experienced and skillful insight into your financial responsibilities.  They can guide you when making major decisions, and help you identify your short, medium and long term goals.  Their role is to develop the appropriate action to guide you through your financial journey.  Seeking financial advice can be valuable at any stage of life, here we have picked out a few key periods where speaking to a Financial Planner can help you navigate through and manage your financial goals.

Starting a Family

When anticipating the arrival of a new family member, it is essential to consider your financial options.  Not only may there be a drop to one income,  A University of Canberra report suggests that the average family must find more than $800,000 to raise two children over their lifetime, which is a 50% increase in the last six years.

Financial Advice

Change in Employment

"Approximately two million people ceased a job during the 12 months to February 2013. While 60% of these voluntarily left their job, 19% (381,000) were retrenched or made redundant.  The remaining 21% left due to ill-health or injury or because the job was seasonal or temporary.  The rate of retrenchment in the 12 months to February 2013 was 3.1%"

(6105.09 - Australian Labour Market Statistics, July 2014)

A Financial Planner will be able to expertly guide you through this period of financial uncertainty.  They will be able to offer expert insight  on termination payments, superannuation, Centrelink payments and services, as well as taxation implications. 


Managing an Inheritance

An inheritance can completely change your financial plan overnight. This is an important time to see a financial planner to reassess goals and options. Consideration needs to be given to tax. legal and overall lifestyle issues that arise. An inheritance often presents a whole new range of options that may never have been considered before. Whilst a loved one passing away is never a good thing, seeing a financial planner can help you to make the most of a bad situation.


Planning Retirement

According to the ABS, the most common factor impacting peoples decision on when to retire is financial security. It's always best to see a financial planner during this transition phase to discuss your options and goals and receive expert guidance to make your money last longer for life after work.  Financial Planners can also offer valuable advice if you are considering estate planning at this stage.


If you think it is time to seek financial advice