Our clients are discerning people who are looking for individually tailored financial advice.

a suitable fit

We specialise in clients over 45 years old and enjoy solving more complex financial planning challenges.  Our clients understand the value of good advice and appreciate the benefits of our completely independent financial planning model. 

Many of our clients are business owners or retired business owners. Often they are very successful in their chosen field and prefer to spend their time on that, rather than managing their personal finances. 

Our retired clients consistently tell us they didn't retire to take on a job managing their finances. They want to enjoy the rewards of retirement and outsource the burden of financial management to someone they can trust.

We have found these clients gain the most benefit from our advice and are likely to be in a position to implement our recommendations.

Thorough planning

For some people life simply happens to them.  Our clients like to have a plan to work to, and a contingency plan in case things go wrong.  They have financial confidence because they not only know what they want, but they know how they are going to achieve it.  

With over 46 years in practice, Tupicoffs has worked with a lot of families and we bring that knowledge to the table when we work with our clients today.  Our clients have the comfort of a financial plan built on 46 years of practical experience and the very best professional knowledge and skills.