Tupicoffs Scoops FPA Best Practice Financial Planning Awards

Financial Planning

In the evening of Friday, 9 November 2012 the Financial Planning Association presented its awards for Best Practice in Queensland. Tupicoffs' planners won both advice categories. I am very pleased to announce that the winner in the Certified Financial Planner category was James Kenny and the winner in the Associate Financial Planner category was Mark Milner.

James has previously won Financial Planning Association Value of Advice Awards, and last year won FPA Best Practice Award for Brisbane. James is also a finalise in this year's Money Management Financial Planner of the Year Award, the result of which will be known on 22 November. We were overwhelmed by the floods of testimonials James's clients provided to support his nomination.

This year was Mark's first entry into the Best Practice Awards, and it's a fitting testament to his skills and abilities that he was a winner in his first year in the competition.

Both Mark and James thanked the team at Tupicoffs that supports them day-to-day in delivering this quality of advice. They acknowledged that whilst they were the individual recipients of the awards, delivery and implementation of advice is a team effort.

These awards are professional recognition of quality of advice we provide, but more important to us is that our clients are getting real results from what we do. Having read the testimonials sent in, it's clear we are delivering.

Remember we are The Money Worriers. We are worrying about our clients' money, so they don't have to.


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