Money Management Awards 2016

Money Management Awards Tupicoffs Independent Financial Planners

We would like to happily announce the recent achievement of our Senior Paraplanner, Kearsten James. Kearsten won the Money Management Paraplanner of the Year Award.   This award is to acknowledge those who are financial planning’s rising stars and promotes professionalism in the Financial Planning Industry.  This has come as a result of Kearsten’s hard work, dedication and passion.

Our Financial Planner, Crystal Bobir was also a Finalist for the Young Achiever of the Year Award.  This category aims to recognise the amazing talent hidden within the younger generation of financial services professionals.

We are beyond proud to have these very committed women as part of the Tupicoffs team.

Congratulations Kearsten and Crystal!

6th May Budget Update

Tupicoffs Independent Financial Planners

16th February Investment Update

Tupicoffs Independent Financial Planners

Natalie Cross wins the FPA University Student of the Year Award.

Tupicoffs Independent Financial Planners

We would like to happily announce the recent achievement of our Client Service Manager, Natalie Cross. Natalie won the FPA University Student of the Year Award; this new category recognises finance students who have demonstrated exceptional performance in the areas of accounting, banking and finance. 

This comes as a result of Natalie’s hard work and dedication. We are proud to have her as part of the Tupicoffs family.

Congratulations Natalie!

24th August Client Investment Update

Tupicoffs Independent Financial Planner

Financial advice: Only 42 Independent Financial Advisers in Australia

Financial Planning


According to the website, there are only 42 independent financial planners in Australia, all Tupicoffs planners are now included in this 42.  For more information on this article please click here.

Tupicoffs signs Declaration of Independence

Tupicoffs Independent Financial Planners

Australia's most awarded financial planning practice celebrated a rare industry milestone today, meeting all the legislative criteria required to sign their very own Declaration of Independence, according to Tupicoffs Managing Director, Neil Kendall,

 "As a long standing fee-for-service practice striving to make a meaningful positive difference, we owed it to the Australian public to do what was necessary to meet the definition of independent under the Corporations Act,” Mr Kendall said.

“Being independent means we have no ownership links or affiliations with product manufacturers and don’t receive commissions or incentive payments from product providers. We believe this is the future for financial planning in Australia.

“Independence allows us to provide genuinely impartial advice with no conflicts of interest.

“Clients continue to tell us when it comes to choosing a financial planner, independence from product provider influence or incentive, is the most sought after attribute but the hardest to find.”

Brisbane-based Tupicoffs client of eight years, Mr Kirk Knipmeyer, had always valued the holistic approach of Tupicoffs but was glad to hear the practice was continuing to put its money where its mouth is.

“I’ve always been happy with Tupicoffs but being independent is the jewel in the crown,” Mr Knipmeyer said.

“I am surprised by how few financial planners are actually independent.”

Mr Kendall said while some consumers may not yet understand the importance of the word ‘independent’ when referring to a Financial Planner, he thought it would become a basic expectation for consumers in the future.

“We have recognised that independence in financial planning is so important we have gone the extra mile to ensure we could call ourselves independent, and meet the regulator’s requirements to use that term. It is fine to be ‘independently minded’ but much better to actually be ‘independent’.”


Tupicoffs advisers hold the current FPA National Best Practice Awards in both CFP and AFP categories and the current Money Management Financial Planner of the Year Award. Tupicoffs celebrates 44 years of operation on the 4th of July 2014. Tupicoffs financial planners are all degree qualified and have individually signed the Declaration of Independence. Tupicoffs has its own Australian Financial Services Licence, Australian Credit Licence and is a registered Tax (financial) Adviser. Tupicoffs is an FPA Professional Practice.

Transition To Retirement

Financial Planning

Neil talks about the Transition to Retirement on the over 60's website.  Click here to read the full story.

Source: Starts at Sixty.

The First Steps: Give Your Child a Good Start

Financial Planning

Click here to read the full article in which James Kenny, has also given some insight and suggestions.

Source: Brisbane Times

Tupicoffs Advisers Clean Up At The FPA Best Practice Awards

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We are extremely pleased to announce that Tupicoffs advisers, James Kenny and Mark Milner, have taken out top honours in the Financial Planning Association's Best Practice Awards.

James secured the National FPA CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional Best Practice Award, while Mark brought home the National FPA Financial Planner AFP® Best Practice Award.

The Financial Planning Association's Best Practice Awards recognise Australian financial planners who operate on a client-first approach, providing high quality financial advice in the best interests of the client. As part of their submissions, James and Mark detailed Tupicoffs' advice philosophy of making a meaningful, positive difference in the lives of our clients.

Last year, both Mark and James were awarded the Queensland awards of their respective categories. It is a testament to their skills and dedication to their clients that they have now been awarded the National honours as well.

Both Mark and James acknowledge the contributions of Tupicoffs' support staff in their success. The Tupicoffs team works hard together to ensure the quality of advice preparation, delivery and implementation provided to clients is second to none.